Signature Assignment

Signature Assignment
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A Signature Assignment?
• An assignment, task, activity, project purposefully created or modified to collect evidence for specific learning outcomes.
• The ‘signature’ of the assignment is the defining characteristics that reveal deep thinking and help you think like a disciplinary expert.
o Ideally, other coursework builds toward the signature assignment, meaning that the signature assignment should measure the culmination of what you learned in the course for a particular outcome.
o Signature assignments work well when they are course embedded.
Your paper should center on a controversial Supreme Court decision to be selected from your textbook. You should set forth the facts of the case as well as its procedural posture, i.e. how did the case make its way through the lower courts ultimately ending up in the Supreme Court? Trace the development of related law up until the case and include a detailed factual and legal analysis of the decision, including a discussion of whether, based on prior rulings, the Supreme Court correctly decided the case. If you conclude the case was wrongly decided, set forth and defend your reasoning in a detailed discussion. Your paper should be 9 pages in length.
1. Examples & Explanations: Constitutional Law: National Power and Federalism. Ides and May, Wolters Kluwer Pub. 2013. ISBN: 978-1-4548-0524-3
Other sources:
2. “Power and the Presidency, From Kennedy to Obama”
3. “NSA Spying Undermines the Separation of Powers: Column”
4. The text of the Articles of Confederation
5. The text of the U.S. Constitution
Make sure, all content throughout the presentation is accurate. There are no factual errors and you apply the correct terminology and concepts appropriately. Very clearly, communicate to the appropriate audience, present information in a purposeful manner, and state the intent of the communication clearly for the reader. Consistently apply theory to practice, examples, experience, and/or “real world” situations in a thoughtful and meaningful manner per the assignment. Take the theory beyond traditional applications. Acknowledge the work of others by utilizing a standard documentation format of MLA accurately and consistently throughout the paper and in the Works Cited section.