The Atlantic Monthly has an archive of issues on the internet with articles of interest to students of American government.

The Atlantic Monthly has an archive of issues on the internet with articles of interest to students of American government.
Go to:
You will find an article titled “Why Americans Hate the Media.” Read the article and write essay #2. In your essay, answer the following questions:
A. Describe the main points Fallows made about the media. Include a description of the differing reactions to President Clinton’s State of the Union address in your discussion.
B. Analyze the differences between what the general public (citizens such as you and I) want to know from our leaders when we have the opportunity to directly talk to them and what the media tends to focus on with their questions to our political leaders.
C. Watch the youtube video at the URL address I provide below. Closely focus on what is stated in the news story and compare it to the theme of the article in the Atlantic Monthly (the article you were required to read for this topic). In reference to the content and manner of the youtube news reports, is the news media any different today than it was during the previous decade? Are there moments of bias in the reporting by Chris Matthews? Is he focusing on the story or is he diverging from the issue? Make sure you thoroughly analyze the Matthews news program and justify your response. (Make sure you provide examples from the news story you were asked to watch on youtube that validates your analysis).

To complete this essay, you must read chapter 6, Chapter 7, and Chapter 8 in the required textbook, watch the youtube presentation using the link above, AND you must also go to the following website and read the article provided at the site:
On this and every other essay, it is imperative that you do not cut and paste anything or write anything from the article, textbook, or any other source. Complete the essay based on the
information provided in the article, youtube video, and required textbook in your own words and your individual understanding of the material. You MUST complete the essay within an essay/paragraph format; otherwise, points will be deducted. Do not list answers in bullet format.
Please be aware that you can only use the article I require you to read, the youtube presentation, and the required textbook in the completion of this essay. If you use ANY other resource, you will earn zero points. The SafeAssign Program will detect any form of plagiarism. Make sure you review what plagiarism is from the link in your Homepage.
Please review the Essay Assignment Format page and your syllabus to make sure you are following the requirements related to the essay assignments.
You need to devote time to this Essay Assignment. Do not wait until the last few days of its availability period to complete the work. This essay is worth 100 points.
Make sure you submit your essay before 9:00 PM of its due date. LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Again, make sure you complete and submit the work before 9:00 PM of its due date.