the spirit catches you and you fall down

the spirit catches you and you fall down
Write a 4-6 page paper using one of the following questions as a basis for your argument For example, you could select the past/present/future tension and argue that the central character uses past events to explain current situations. You must make an argument and support it using material from the book
How does the author use past-present-future to discuss cultural conflicts in the story?
How is privilege (for dominant culture) and disadvantage (for subordinate culture) reflected in the story?
How are cultural differences and similarities between the central character(s) and other individuals/groups revealed in the story?
In what way does the central character(s) feel tension between his/her cultural group and his/her individual self?
Once you select a question and present your argument, you must support your thesis.
Minimum Expectations to receive full points for the paper:
1. You must use APA.
2. I would expect that you would use the book as one of the sources. To be considered as an A or B paper, you should use additional reference materials (quality of source more valuable than quantity). Probably 3-5 sources would be about right.
3. You must provide direct quotations, paraphrases, and direct quotations to support your thesis.
4. You must include a reference page with your sources listed correctly.
5. You must write clearly with an introduction, body, conclusion, and transitions.
6. You must include a header (top left), and a page number (top right) on each page of the paper.
7. Descriptive, interesting title for your paper.
What you do not need for this paper:
1. Separate sheet as title page.
2. Abstract