Emergency and disaster nursing magement

Emergency and disaster nursing magement

Assessment Task 1: (A three part assignment)

Details of task:
This assignment requires you to reflect on three important components of the disaster health and emergency management model.
Each topic is based on major themes which are the following:
-Leading change and coordinating effort
–Understanding Risks
–Communicating about Risk
–Partnering with those who effect change
–Empowering individuals and communities
–Reducing Risks in built environment
–Capabilities to support disaster resilience
Each topic should be answered and substantiated by reference to the literature and personal experience, and to be approx. 750 words each.
Topic 1
Please discuss the following statement:
“The PPRR model of the disaster cycle has been around for over 20 years and is just as relevant today as it was when introduced”.

Topic 2
Using the CRED database, outline the profile and trends of the disaster epidemiology for Australia and the Oceania region noting its main features with particular comparison with that of the Asian region.

Topic 3
To what extent are emergency managers, health emergency co-ordinators and community leaders influenced by the psycho-social – cultural context of major events threatening the health status of a community.
Word limit:
Three topics of 750 words each

Assignment requirements:
Well-structured argument that answers the question in a word document with the appropriate use of headings, formatting and referencing.

This ASSIGNMENT presents the core knowledge and skill expected of all emergency management and health professionals and community leaders active in this field. The ASSIGNMENT is based on the following models:
•Disaster epidemiology, with regional profile
•The National Strategy for Disaster Resilience and the Victorian Emergency
Management Reform
•Disaster Management Cycle.
•The multidisciplinary planning and response to major events which actually or potentially threaten the status of a community)
•Incident command system
•WHO – Health Action in Crises, Health Security
•Utstein Template for Research and Evaluation in Health Disaster Management