This is an Australian based medical/law subject

1. In a case in recent years an Intensive care paramedic(lCP) was involved in a specific

case that resulted in the death ofa patient. The ICP attended a call that involved a 21 year old male suffering SOB and chest pain. The ICP attend the address and noted the ethnicity of patient who was Mediterranean in origin and a history of anxiety, the ICP assessed that the patient was hyperventilating and was suffering an anxiety attack. The ICP left the patient at the scene and cleared. laterthat evening the same ICP attended the same patient with the same symptoms that according to the patient was worsening and not consistent with his
previous anxiety syndrome. The ICP became indignant and assure the family the and the patient that all was well without examining the patient and again refused to transport the patient. 2 hours later another crew attended the patient as a collapse and he died at the scene from a massive Myocardial infarction.
Discuss howthis could have happened and the legal and ethical principles associated with the case
2.Recently the Northern Territory has with drawn interventions aimed at alcohol reduction in a medical approach to management and introduced a 3 strikes of public drunkenness resulting in the mandatory enrollment in a dry out centre. Comment on the ethical and cultural issues associated with a move from what seemed to be a medical style ethos to what appears to be a punitive response by the NT govt.