Nursing history of the health professions

We have focused on a number of important themes in relation to the history of the health professions: conflicts about the content of curriculum and purpose of educational programs; characteristics of professionalism and socialization within the profession (e.g., total institution or mortification of the self); various health professions? struggles over control in the workplace; autonomy; income; race, ethnic, and gender conflicts; health professional/patient relationships and the covenant of trust; the rise of patient-centered education within the health care system; the importance of interprofessional collaboration in caring for patients; social responsibility of health professionals in the context of health disparities; the delivery of health care services in the context of a ?medical home? model; and new roles of health professionals in the implementation of health system reform A list of the social characteristics of the health professions can also be found on the last page of the instructions for this take-home essay assignment. (Also see list of ?Social Characteristics of Health Professions and Professionalism? below.

Drawing upon course readings discuss aspects of some of the above themes in relation to how they are focused on in a newspaper, journal of opinion, or professional journal article which you have located to discuss.
Take-home Question Requirements:
—Your essay should be no less than 850 words and no more than 950 words, double-spaced, one-inch margins, and word-processed. Provide the word count for your essay on your title page. Attach a print copy of your outside article with your essay when you turn in the print copy of the essay before the exam begins on April 29 at 12:30pm.

— In the first paragraph of your essay, name the article you have chosen to discuss. Next, in the first paragraph of your essay briefly introduce at least three of the themes that connect to points raised in your chosen article that are discussed either in the first paragraph on this page (above) or shown in the ?Social Characteristics of Health Professions and Professionalism? list on page two of this document.

—Connect the three themes raised in your chosen essay to at least three course reading sources (at least one more reading if you wish to earn an A grade). You need to discuss these connections in significant detail (using quotes and paraphrasing [more than once from most of the sources] from the outside article and from course readings) in your essay. You may also discuss a reference personal experience in your own education or in your paid or volunteer work in a health care setting in writing your essay.

-Use MLA or Chicago Citation Style. You must have a minimum of four references listed on the citation page (this includes your outside article).

SSC495: Grading Rubric for the Second Exam Essay Question (Worth 40 points)
Analysis (15 points)
? Did you answer the question?
? Did you fully explain your answer?
? Did you connect your ideas to relevant themes that we are focusing on in class?

Evidence/Proof (15 points)
? Did you provide relevant, accurately-used examples from course discussion and readings?
? Did you provide page numbers and (possibly) short quotations to prove your answer?
? Was your answer accurate and clear concerning the historical context and chronology?

Writing (10 points)
? Word count
? Punctuation
? Grammar
? Spelling
? Proper sentence structure
? Well-organized paper with clearly-defined paragraphs

The article I have chosen to discuss
1- Alzheimer?s Disease And Nursing Homes
?I will provide it?

Four course reading sources
2- Nursing: Pauline Chen, ?Nurses? Role in the Future of Health Care,? The New York Times, November 18, 2010.