Retrieve the following full text article from the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health

Literature or similar search database: Hardin, S., Bernhardt-Tindal, K., Hart, A., & Henson, A. (2011). Critical-care visitations: The patients’ perspective. Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing, 30(1):53–61. Review the article, focusing on the sections that report the question, design, methods, and procedures. Consider the following appraisal questions in your critical review of this article.

1.Is the research question made explicit early in the paper? Is there a clear link between the question and the purpose of the study?

2.What elements of this question and purpose make this study appropriate for a descriptive design?

3.What is the specific descriptive design used by these authors? Is it appropriately linked to the question?

4.Was the sample adequate for the descriptive design that was selected?

5.What efforts were made to ensure reliable, valid measures (for example, operational definitions of variables, using instruments with low error)?

6.What are the strengths of the design, methods, and procedures of this study? Contrast them with its limitations.

7.How could this study be incorporated into evidence-based practice?