bnursing assignment

his is a power point project (20 slides) on a nursing theory used at any of my local hospitals or health care facilities. A major hospital in my area (Miami FL) is Baptist Hospital which would be the best option and have the most information available. The powerpoint is to include an interview which i have not had the opportunity to conduct but i will attach a link to statements on the hospital website made by the Vice Presidents and Chief Nursing Officers of the hospital. The foundation of the Baptists nursing practice is based onJean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring.…
(Suggestion: You are encouraged to make an appointment and meet with the CNO director nurse manager or other nursing leader of your chosen facility and interview them.)
Your presentation should include (60 pts.):
This assignment is a PowerPoint presentation only. (40 pts.)The presentation should include no more than 20 slides. If you use graphics be sure they are small in size so your presentation can be loaded quickly.
When you have completed this assignments you will be able to differentiate the concepts of person environment health and nursing as they relate to select nursing theories by:(Competency 1)