Nursing 98

A useful resource related to this discussion: Overview of the Nursing Process [PDF File Size 331 KB].
A 19-year-old female college student who is pledging a sorority arrives at the Emergency Department (ED) after participating in a contest to drink the most water. She drank 5 liters of water in about 2 hours. The sorority sisters called 911 when the student reported a headache and was confused. Upon arrival to the ED a nursing assessment was performed and laboratory tests ordered by the MD were obtained. The patient reports a headache abdominal cramping and has orthostatic hypotension. The following laboratory results are reported:
Sodium: 122 mEq/L
Potassium: 3.6 mEq/L
Calcium: 10 mg/dL
Magnesium: 2 mg/dL
Chloride: 100 mEq/L
Phosphate: 2 mEq/L
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Cluster and analyze the data in the scenario.
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