Nursing Practitioner History and Beatitudes writing homework help

4 pagesApA formathis assignment is an article about NP (Nurse Practitioner ) history and Beatitudes paper. Virtue from Beatitudes in the bible Matthew 5:1-16 has been woven in the history of APNs and work of the organization called Doctors Without Borders. Discuss how the history of APN and work of this organization reflects Beatitudes in the bible of Matthew 5:1-16.o You may choose one nursing scholar from the APN history or one person from Doctors Without Borders Discuss how knowing about this would or should affect prospective APNs practice. 3-4 pages excluding references Follow APA format.References :Web link (URL) link (URL) link (URL) link (URL) Attached file for Rubric please .please consider This assignment will be checked by turn it in .Thanks .