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b) Cultural Presentation Assignment Option ? Group submission – individual grade (20%)
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b) Cultural Presentation Assignment Option ? Group submission – individual grade (20%)
Due Date: TBA
1. Explore detailed aspects of cultural assessment methodology and applied research.
2. Gain presentation development and delivery skills that are utilize current technology.
3. Demonstrate collaboration and team work among a community of learners.
To promote self-directed learning and professional development through the development of a presentation.
The Cultural Assessment Assignment is a PowerPoint presentation developed by students within an assigned group. Students interested in group collaboration have the opportunity to engage in course material and utilize the technology within the Blackboard Collaborate learning platform. Students are assigned to a presentation group and given a specific area of study (cultural domains), regarding a specific culture.
Students will focus their presentation by exploring the four metaparadigms of the Purnell Model of Cultural Competence which are: global society, community, family and person. A metaparadigm consists of a group of related concepts. These related concepts circle the framework of the Purnell Model as layers of the outer rims.
Each student independently will research assigned cultural domains and then collaborate with other students to discuss and present the work.
Breakdown of Presentation Format:
a) Introduction ? Introduce group members and provide an overview of the agenda. Clarify any definitions or major assumptions of the concepts to be discussed.
b) Cultural overview and background
c) Analysis of cultural competency issues/concerns/highlights/opportunities in relation to:
i) Person
ii) Family
iii) Community
iv) Global Society
d) All References indicated using APA format at the bottom of each slide for content, as well as for all images used.
e) Include presentation comments written into the ?notes section? of the file (at the bottom each slide). This is to ensure that in the event of a student absence during their assigned live presentation, these comments will be shared to the audience either by a group member or by the course instructor if needed.
Please refer to the marking rubric (attached) for grading details.
Presentation Suggestions:
– Consider using: clinical examples, current issues / media: local, national and global, a case scenario relevant to nursing practice.
– Make connection to current literature and/or nursing research in cultural competency within the topics discussed.
– Infuse opportunities for audience participation and facilitate discussion questions throughout the presentation.
Suggested group member layout:
Intro: Shared, Student 1= Cultural Overview & Background, Student 2 = Person, Student 3= Family, Student 4= Community,
Student 5= Global Society, Group Collaboration & facilitation = shared, References=shared
Notes on Preparing the Presentation:
– Presentations are to take place on Wednesdays between 12:00 ? 1:00pm (unless otherwise specified). Please try and schedule live attendance for these presentation dates when possible.
– If live attendance is not possible, please add voice recording to your slide contribution.
– Please share communication strategies (telephone, email), to ensure that you can reach each other. Group Discussion space will also be provided to support collaboration on this assignment.
– Please contact your instructor for support at any time during this assignment to assist in group communication as needed.
See ?Cultural Assessment Presentation Marking Rubric? (Assignments Section of Blackboard)