Qualitative Research Critique-Nursing

The research design must include a nursing theory the theorys application to nursing and identify outcomes impacted nursing practice.
Assignment Criteria:
For this assignment:
Search the literature for one qualitative research study related to your area of research interest (i.e. non clinical or clinical practices).
Make sure the article has a nursing theory the theory has been applied to the nursing environment and has impacted nursing practice.
The article must be peer-reviewed articles within the last five years.
Identify the studys methodology (qualitative) to complete the framework grid from Polit & Beck (2017) textbook. ATTACHED TEMPLATE
Only select one article that reflects the methodology required for this assignment.
You should be able to find the articles method under the articles section entitled methodology.
You are required to critique one qualitative nursing research study (i.e. refer to Assignment Criteria #13 a).
The article will be critiqued using the framework grid from Polit & Beck (2017) textbook-TEMPLATE ATTACHED-YOU MUST USE!
Copy and paste the grid into a Word document. This will make it easy for you to add your typed comments into the grid.
This is a critique assignment which focuses on the analysis or your scholarly perspective of the publication. Support your scholarly opinion only with references/citations if further explanation is needed. Use the comment section of the grid to write your comments and any additional citation(s). Each comment cited from another source to support your analysis or scholarly perspective of the critiqued article will require a citation (i.e. Campbell 2016) in the comment section. Each citation must be documented on the reference page of the assignment (i.e. In accordance with the 6thedition APA Manual).
Include the citation information associated with the one qualitative article used for this critique. The course faculty will retrieve the article for assignment review and grading
Write a summary of how the research data/findings are related to the researchers recommendations. This is a one page summary separate from the framework grid from Polit & Beck (2017) textbook.
Use APA format and appropriate level heading(s) (i.e. Level One and/or Level Two).