DB response nursing

DB response nursing

Response to DB. 150 words 1 nursing reference.

Informatics is a combination of computer science and informational science which helps manage data, information, knowledge and wisdom (Finkelman, 2016). The importance of nursing informatics is, it is an essential part of healthcare and continues to grow more and more every day. The physicians, nurses and patients all communicate via email, medical records are sent via email, and nearly all charting is done by computer.

Importance of Documentation

Documentation is an important part of nursing. The computer charting has improved the readability of orders, since they are no longer handwritten, which means more legible. By nurses completing computer charting, the nurse is more accurate, improves continuity of care, reports and data can be computed easily (Finkelman, 2016). Physicians can access from another location and read notes, review labs and tests, and provide orders as needed.

EMR and Quality of Care

The quality of care has improved with legibility and this in turn has decreased the opportunity for medication errors, which then decreases adverse reactions, which have lead to extended hospital stays and even deaths in the past. This should also cut down on lawsuits. Computer charting also helps in auditing and can lead to performance improvement opportunities.

Benefits and Challenges of Healthcare Technology

Some of the challenges would be computer crashes and data maybe lost or the system may be hacked and patient information can be stolen leading to identity theft. Benefits would be, the availability for staff and/or patients to access educational needs or requirements, patients may be able to watch videos assigned by the physician or nurse relating to their disease or illness. Nursing informatics can go even further by providing the opportunity for distance learning, nursing education, and the ongoing need of documenting the patient status (Aathi &, 2014)