Reflection Outline Guidance

Assignment 2: Reflection Outline Guidance

Format suggestion

Introduction (10% of your word count)

This should set the scene for the reader:

1) Tell the reader why reflective practice in team work is important

2) Say that you will be reflecting on an example of team work/group work with a particular focus on… (Here you should look at two points that you may want to reflect on – these are personal to you ie. everybody’s examples will be different). This is where you should link to team roles and group stages (Belbin and Tuckman).

3) Then, say that you will be applying a reflective model (say which one) in order to… (Here state the purpose of reflection).

Remember in writing up the main body, you should cover each theme in order that you outlined them in your introduction.

Main body

1st paragraph – define/explain the reflective model that you will be using and say that you will be apply these to your reflection on the group/team scenario.

2nd paragraph – provide a brief explanation of how you felt prior to the team work/group meeting. Depending on the reflective theory, you could apply it starting here e.g. Schon has a “before the event” stage.

3rd paragraph – during the meeting discuss your feelings and the way you reacted to the team/roles that you took on.

4th chapter – Here you should delve into a chapter or two on analysis:

· Consider applying theories of your personal attributes and apply to how you were performing in order to meet the group goal (addresses LO5).

· Look at your communication skills – what does this reveal about you (consider Belbin’s traits in terms of your own role).

· Consider the team’s (Belbin’s ) roles they adopted within the group and how these roles contributed to group dynamics (LO2).

· Consider either how the different personality traits worked during the process (relating to Tuckman’s stages), or what your role at a specific stage that may have helped the group to progress with the task. It is important that you do not focus on only one stage, demonstrate a moving forward and reflective thinking… Consider areas of difficulty/conflict under as the storming stage etc.

· Where possible in the main body, refer to articles on team roles and performance in health and social care and aspects of reflexive practice.


Here, you should conclude the whole episode and demonstrate the importance of reflective practice in helping you to evaluate and analyse yourself in terms of character and traits. You should also state that this is on-going reflection, thus formulate an action plan on how you would handle the situation differently next time.


You should reference between 6-10 sources.