Comprehensive Assignment

Throughout this course, you have taken on the role as an I-O psychologist and considered training plans for the individual and the team. You will expand upon that idea and focus on the organization.

Using the plans that you have developed during this course, devise a training plan for your organization that encompasses elements from individual, team, and leadership skills training. Remember to use headings to divide your paper. 

Be specific in your training solutions. Address the following in your paper:

1. How are stressors likely to impact your organization?

2. What do you think works best at the individual level?

3. What type of lessons can you learn from individual training that carry over into team training and leadership training?

4. Compare and contrast all three training levels in a final discussion section.

5. In your action plan, include methods that you would use to assess and select new employees entering your organization.

Your paper should be a minimum of three pages in length; you should include at least three outside sources for support

Your paper, including your references page, should be in APA format.