Week 8: Team Project

Week 8: Team Project

Compare the team member’s Parts 4-6 that were submitted in Week 7 as part of each student’s Course Project. Each organization should have its own section in the team paper and a final section should be a comparison and assessment of these organizations. The team should express the developmental strategies, cost-benefit analysis, outcomes assessment, methodology for evaluating success and how each can be improved. There should be a literature review section of scholarly research covering developmental strategies, cost-benefit analysis, outcomes assessment, methodology for evaluating success and how each can be improved that contains at least 1 article per team member and is structured as an annotated bibliography. This paper should be at least between 7 and 9 pages per student on the team in length (not counting any images or charts).  Each section of the report should be clearly labeled with appropriate headings and each section should be clearly labeled with the Full Name and DSI Number of the team member who completed each respective section.  The organization should contain the following headings: Title page/table of contents; introduction; a header for the organizations that summarizes the final findings; literature review; analysis and comparison; recommendations; conclusion; references.

HRM 592 – Team Written Assignment and Presentation Guidelines: The Presentation is in conjunction with the separate team “written” assignment. The written assignment is worth 100 points
The team PPT, Kaltura Presentation is an assignment that is worth 100 points

The two separate assignments equal 200 points total.   WEEK 8 TEAM PROJECT GRADING RUBRIC

CategoryPointsDescriptionTitle Page/Table of Contents 


Title of your applied research paper, course number and title, professor, and date.Introduction10Provide an overview of the organizations analyzed Give a Give enough information about each firm to acquaint an unfamiliar person (no matter how famous the company). Identify name, location, size, market segment (business line), and a brief history.Training or Intervention Strategy10

Summarize the overall results from each students’ Training or Intervention Strategy that was submitted in week 7. Each summary should be limited to about one page per student.

Literature Review20You must address at least one scholarly resource per student in this section. Approach this section as a mini book report on each of the reference sources that significantly informed your analysis and proposed solutions. Give the reader an encapsulated review of what information you found most relevant to your research. You may have found conflicting opinions or theories related to your topic area. Identify and discuss any such contrasts or describe in detail significant agreement among your sources. Your literature review should be separate and distinct from your analysis section; it is a summation of your research. The goal should be a paragraph containing a minimum of three to five sentences per review.Analysis and Comparison40 

Explore the work in depth and with scholarly rigor. Compare and contrast the various sets of plans for each organization. Create a matrix that contains each organization on the horizontal access and one the vertical axis uses the following from each students’ week 7 paper- Part 4: Develop a Training or Intervention Strategy to Address the Needs; Part 5: Determine the Training or Intervention Cost and Quantify Expected Results; Part 6: Develop a Method of Training Evaluation

Develop a narrative that critically compares the matrix elements. A critical element of this section is to apply leadership and organization concepts and models from our text, from class discussions, and from your literature review. Discuss the concepts, ideas, or insights that are most valuable in helping you make sense of the causes of the problem. Support your analysis with reference to appropriate research material.Conclusion10

Write a joint conclusion. State what you, as a team. Learned through this team exercise. Was it useful?


All references must be cited in two places—within the body of your paper and on a separate reference list. Choose references judiciously and cite them accurately. Cite all sources using APA format. Please note that citing an author’s work within your text documents your research, identifies the source for readers, and enables readers to locate the source of information in the alphabetical reference list at the end of the paper. To use the ideas or words of another person without crediting the source is plagiarism. Plagiarism in its purest form involves copying passages either verbatim or nearly verbatim, with no direct acknowledgment of the source. The most common form of plagiarism is to paraphrase information from your source material. Paraphrasing does not relieve you of the obligation to provide proper identification of source data. The best way to avoid plagiarism is to make sure all quotes, ideas, or conclusions that not your own are given proper acknowledgment in your text.

Total Point Value100A quality presentation will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.PreviousNext