Part I: Brainstorming – Before you develop the outline, answer the following questions, and include as much detail as possible. This prewriting exercise will help you to generate ideas for the essay.

1.) Who will you write about? Why do you want to write about this person?

2.) What kind of profile will you write? For example, will you focus on a specific moment in the person’s life, an average day, a moment when he or she had 15 minutes of fame, or a psychological examination?

3.) Why should my readers care about this person?

4.) What do I want readers to know about this person?

5.) What questions will I ask my subject during the interview process? How will I approach difficult or unpleasant topics?

6.) Have I talked to others who understand my subject or might see my subject with different eyes? What insight have or will they be able to give me?

7.) Do I understand what motivates my subject, and will I make that clear to readers? How will I make my story plump with vivid, memorable details about how my subject works and lives?

8.) How is my subject different than others who do the same job or live the same life? How is my subject the same as everyone else?

Part II: Planning – Complete the outline template. Only two body paragraphs are shown below, but you will need more for your essay. Continue to add planned body paragraphs to your outline until you have as many as you need. You may also add a plan for the conclusion paragraph.

I. Introduction:

a. Hook:

b. Thesis Statement:

II. Body Paragraph 1:

a. Topic Sentence

b. Summary of Supporting Details

c. Concluding Sentence

III. Body Paragraph 2:

a. Topic Sentence

b. Summary of Supporting Details

c. Concluding Sentence

STEP 2: FINAL ESSAY – DUE 12-05-17

Example, template and rubric attached below.

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