Chapter 12:

2) Three factors that affect demand for urban travel:

  1. The location and intensity of land use
  2. Economic conditions of people living in that area
  3. The cost and quality of transport available

3) home based work trip:

In which purpose is to go and come from home to work

Home based other trip:

In which purpose is to go from home to some other place than work

Non home based trip:

In which someone isn’t going from home, like from work to shopping, school etc


The ability of a zone to generate trip ends


Attractions in a zone about trip destinations.


Point at which a trip begins


Point at which a trip ends


Home to work trips attracted to zone = 972 trips

Home to non-work trips attracted to zone = 602 trips

Shopping= 954 trips

School= 0

Non retail employment=1050 trips

Total home to non work trips= 602+954+ 1050 = 2606 trips

Non homebased trips attracted to zone= 1270 trips

Shopping= 256 trips

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