Answer ALL the questions below. PLEASE READ THE CHAPTER PRIOR:

1) Give a brief description of three secondary storage media, including their advantages and disadvantages.

2) Suggest how the use of a patient ID bracelet containing a barcode representation of the patient’s ID and a barcode scanner can lead to improved quality of care in a hospital?

3) Distinguish between an ‘interfaced’ and an ‘integrated’ system. Provide an example of where one model would provide an advantage over another.

4) What is ‘system software and application software” . Provide an example of each?

5) How does mobile computing differ from wireless communication?

Each question carries equal points. Please be clear and specific in your responses. Please cite your sources in APA 6.0 format. Note: Please read chapter 6 and review slides prior to answering these questions.\

I will provide you with the lecture and the powerpoints and the book name, but I do not have the book itself. ” Introduction to Healthcare Quality Management, Third EditionPatrice L. Spath”

* NO other sources needed

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