For this week’s Forum, please read the article “Learning Soil with the Kayapo Indians” found in the link below. Using the Kayapo as an inspiration, research another example of an ancient or indigenous approach to soil classification. In a well developed post, compare and contrast your chosen approach. Do not get hung up on the names that the particular cultures give to their soils – the important point to take from this is how they classify soils and why.

Do some web searching about soil surveys, soil classification, and soil horizons and/or even the Kayapo for information to help you compare and contrast.

You can compare your chosen system to US Soil Taxonomy or you can do a three way comparison between the Kayapo, the US, and your researched system. Whatever you like, just be sure to take a unique approach to the question, do not simply cover the same ground as another classmate.

To read the article, here’s the link below:

Minimum of 500 words. APA cite you references.

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