Submit the assignment in paper in class on Thursday, and also into “TurnItIn2” on Moodle by Thursday afternoon. TurnItIn2 will determine if you have copied answers from your friends’ assignments and will assess a plagiarism score. Identically worded answers will be considered to be plagiarism.

List four examples of paleogeomorphic traps, as defined and described by Rudolph Martin:





5. Are paleogeomorphic traps categorized as stratigraphic traps, structural traps, or combination traps?

6. What is the environment of deposition west of the Frio Formation barrier island/barrier bar sands?

7. What is the up-dip permeability barrier for the Frio Formation barrier bar sands? Is it a facies change, a porosity/permeability change, an unconformity, a fold crest, a fault?

8. (2 pts.) Why is exploration of the Eocene Wilcox Formation so difficult?

9. (2 pts.) How does Halbouty explain that the some salt-related traps with hydrocarbon accumulations are not in expected locations with respect to current salt positions and diapir shapes?

Questions NOT from the Halbouty article, but from the attached figure.

10. What category of trap is shown in the isopach map of Figure 1? Describe this trap as best you can, using more than one word.

11. What category of trap is shown in the cross-section of Figure 2? Describe this trap as best you can, using more than one word.

Figure 1 is above.

Figure 2 is above.

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