Assignment #2: Summary Table – Level of Evidence

(10% of final grade)

After you have defined your PICOT question and identified your patient care issue, you can begin and the first part of your quality improvement (QI) project. In order to do this you will need to do a literature search to find evidence for your topic. When doing your literature search, identify a minimum of six (6) research articles on your topic. Once you have found the evidence in the literature, identify one research article from your literature search and determine the level of evidence of that article. In general, you should limit your literature search to articles that have been published during the last five years.


Step One: conduct a literature search for the first part of your QI project. Your QI project will be based on your PICOT question. You should search for a minimum of six research articles that were published within the last 5 years.

Step Two: From your literature search, select one research article and rate the strength of the study design. You may choose a rating system that you feel best applies to the type of study you will be evaluating.

Step Three: Construct your paper according to the outline below. When submitting your assignment, please be sure to also submit the research article you rated along with your paper.

Additional resources can be found at the following website. (Health Sciences Library, 2012 Evidence-Based Practice Tools):

You can also find helpful information on how to research a PICOT question by visiting this site:

Please refer to the following modules in your classroom in week one titled “Rating the Evidence” for examples of different rating systems, and AACN 2012 Levels of Evidence, which has the following reading:

Peterson, M. H., Barnason, S., Donnelly, B., Hill, K., Miley, H., Riggs, L., & Whiteman, K. (2014). Choosing the Best Evidence to Guide Clinical Practice: Application of AACN Levels of Evidence. Critical Care Nurse, 34(2), 58-68

Your paper should follow the following outline:


  1. Title, journal in which the study was published, year it was published
  2. Type of study (refer to the table on page 62 of this article)

Study Description:

  1. Describe the research question or hypothesis
  2. Describe the study methodology
  3. Description of the subjects and sample size

Study Findings

  1. Major findings from the study
  2. Describe study’s limitations

Rating System

  1. The rating system you chose with justification
  2. The level of the evidence with an explanation.

Construct a table of evidence (state the rating system you are using – the table may be modified if needed depending on the rating system you are using)

Please make sure you are choosing researching articles and not opinion pieces, case studies, clinical practice guidelines, quality improvement projects or literature reviews.

You assignment submission must include your paper and a copy of the article that you reviewed. Remember you only need to rate one article.

Here is an example of how to construct a table of evidence. You may adjust this table as needed to accommodate the rating system you are using.

Authors Names, Source, and Year

Type of Study

Research Question/Hypothesis


Study Design

Level of Evidence Description of Subjects and Sample Size

Major Findings

Jones and Smith, Nursing Research2012

Descriptive study about nurses in critical care units who smoke.

Do nurses in critical care smoke more than nurses in medical surgical unit?

Mailed survey of hospital employees at a large university setting


150 nurses

in critical care,150 nurses in med/surg,

80% female between ages of 25-45

There was no significant difference in smoking based on the unit worked.

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