Title: Down Syndrome

APA FORMAT. Please write at least 1 page of:

1.Signs and Symptoms

2. Treatments

IN ADDITION: Case Study/SBAR (situation, background, assessment, recommendations) format

Down Syndrome Case Study: PLEASE WRITE 1 PAGE ONLY THE RECOMMENDATIONS PART of below case study

Sam is a 7-year-old child that has been diagnosed with down syndrome. He was born at 7 months’ gestation when his mother was 44 years old.

His physical characteristics include a flat bridge nose, a small mouth and large tongue, and excess skin on the back of his head.

He is very social and interactive with other children and family, even though he has trouble with his speech and language.

Often times when Sam cannot express how he feels, he will begin to cry and throw tantrums immediately. Many kids do not know why Sam is upset most of the time and notice that he is different than others.

His mother describes him as a sweet boy who has had a difficult time learning compared to other children. Sam also had a slower developmental growth compared to his older brother who is now 11 years old and is almost a whole foot taller than Sam.

Sam suffers from chronic sleep apnea and seizures that come and go.

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