Ropes course/Challenge course experience reflection. Write a 1-2 pages reflection on your leadership experience at the ropes course. Use the objectives of the day, your experience belaying, your experience climbing and the debrief to help you express your ideas. In addition, you may add leadership theories learned in class.

okay we went to the ropes area and we had to climb and learn hot to climb and belaying

and I was afraid of height so I couldn’t climb but I did the belaying and it was very stressful at first because Blake * my classmate * is trusting me and letting me in the belaying side and it was my first time and it took me so many times and tries to be able to learn. the right method of belaying, thanks to the professor and my classmates Sophia and Cindy.

and it was a very good experience I learned that when people trust you, you have to make the effort and show them that you’re worth it and I also learned that hearing from others and letting them teach you helps you to be a better version of yourself and be able to hear from others and not only your voice .

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