Assignment 2

Objective:To evaluate how daily food choices compare to the RDA and related nutrient standards for your age & gender.

  • Analyze the 3-Day Food Log from Assignment #1 using Nutrition Calc Plus via Online Access Version 3.2 (the computerized nutrient analysis program that came with your textbook.)If you did not get an access code to this program with your textbook you may purchase it on-line at the publisher’s site:
  • Nutrition Calc Plus program- All daily reports” to summarize all of your days into one or compile into one document for online submission.Note: DO NOT fill out the table based only on the data from one day (Automatic -10 points).
  • Use this document to enter (type) your answers directly into this table.


  • From your 3 day food logs (Project One) type your food choices and the amounts eaten into Nutricalc (supplied with your textbook) for each day.Turn in your Project #1 three day logs with this project also (4 points) (MUST BE IN ONE DOCUMENT)
  • Print and Turn in a copy (or online submission) of the printed 3 daily reports (Nutricalc) from Nutricalc (10 points)
  • From the reports fill in the attached table (must be typed) and analyze your intakes (2 points most blanks unless otherwise noted, 86 points total).

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