Students will choose a current issue in health care that we have covered in this course

or they have seen through personal observation and should thoroughly describe the issue and all of the parties that it affects (i.e. consumers, providers, insurers, hospitals, etc.), and how they are affected. Students will then propose a solution, discuss implementation of this solution and

impact/benefit of the solution.

Written components should be 4-7 pages in length, typed, double-spaced, 12pt font.

Grading Rubric

: Each of the following domains will be assessed on the following scale: exemplary

(100%), competent (75%), satisfactory (50%), unsatisfactory (0%)

1.Thoroughly and accurately identify the issue and affected parties/areas of health care (30%)

2. Clear, realistic, thoughtful solution proposed with thorough implementation plan (3 5%)

3. Direct link between solution and benefits (25%)

4.Writing quality (10%)

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