Assignment Description:

Students will develop a new marketing strategy for a healthcare organization (Banner Healthcare). Basic elements of both the strategic and/or market healthcare plan should include: the mission, vision, values and objectives, environmental scanning (internal and external), strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and evaluation of the success of your strategy.

The student should also use quantitative and qualitative data in the development of their marketing strategy. You can utilize the organization’s data base, or find supporting statistical data elsewhere. Be sure that the data is relevant to your organization.

Create a 7-10 power point presentation when you are developing your marketing plan please include the following topics:

  1. How are you going to develop customer loyalty?
  2. Creating a brand or logo for your organization that will make it recognizable
  3. What will your pricing strategy be? Consider who your consumer market is and what the tax status of your organization is (NFP or FP).
  4. How your services will be distributed (Intensive, Selective, Exclusive)
  5. How will you promote your organization (Advertising, Personal Selling, Publicity, etc.)?
  6. What is your sales pitch?
  7. How will you monitor the success of your strategy (i.e. sales analysis, profitability analysis, etc.)

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