Lipids, a chemical family that includes cholesterol and fat, make up a major part of the average human diet. At 9 kcal per gram — compared to 4 of carbohydrates and proteins, fats serve as concentrated sources of energy to fuel your active lifestyle. However, beyond boosting your energy intake, fats and cholesterol have a number of other physiological roles and eating certain types of fat benefits your health.

I want your postings to reflect:

Total fat that you personally ate in a day (so look at the food labels, calculate the total calorie from fat, add them up and determine the percentage). Now sometimes its hard to get food label for home cooked meals. For that, check out this website: (Links to an external site.)

Hope you are curious to find more about what you eat. Don’t forget to write the name of your food….

I am posting my intake in this post 🙂

2 slices of multigrain bread = 2 g

I tablespoon of Smart Balance margarine = 10g

Coffee with creamer = 1.5g

Mid-morning snack banana = ignore for fat

1 Chick-fil-a chicken sandwich (Lunch) = 20.93g


So, Total Grams of Fat: 42.66

So total Calorie from Fat: (Grams of fat X 9 kcal from each gram) = 383.94

My calorie should be 1700 Kcal (Most of you should be 2000-2400)

So my percentage fat is (383 / 1700) X 100 = 22.5 %

AMDR should be 20-35 % of my diet.

Self-Reflection: Good idea that I didn’t buy the meal deal at Chick-fil-a., the fries would have driven me off the chart!!

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