Relevant requirements: Paper needs to be 5 pages minimum. There is no word count requirement. Paper needs to follow the format of a scientific journal, peer reviewed journal, or a scientific paper. The sections that need to be covered are mentioned in the “Rubrica” which I have posted. This is the only information you need to pay attention to in relation to the rubric [Abstract- Appendices]. Everything else in the rubric is unnecessary and redundant information. The paper may include diagrams, figures, or any visual representation that may help the reader understand the content more efficiently.…

Example: This is a scientific journal my professor has written which he advised us to use as a guide. Considering that he is a nuclear engineer and performing research on the topic, there is extensive knowledge and information in this example. Relating this to the task at hand, the paper needs to be written with language that is consistent with a engineering students first experience with a topic. .

Ive also provided a screenshot of the chapter names we have been covering throughout the semester. When the assignment was introduced, my idea for finding a topic was going to come from these chapters. However, it is not required that the topic should be derived from these chapters. Please keep me updated as to what topic the paper is going to be written on.

Hopefully I have provided enough information. Some things I would like to stress upon would be: the topic, references, and the format. I believe this research paper is much like that of lab report considering the sections that our professor wants us to include. The paper is going to be turned in online through and a hardcopy. Please be sure to include all references and proper citations to prevent plagiarism.

If there are any questions, please do not be hesitant to ask.

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