1. What is a maladaptation? Give examples from the movie.
  2. Is Western technology and culture synonymous with progress as we are typically led to believe in the media and in our tradition? Has westernization moved humanity forward? At what cost?
  3. Give two examples of problems facing the world today and propose a solution for each.
  4. In the movie, a commentator states that in focusing on the economy we’ve forgotten ancient truths. What is this statement referring to? What ancient truths have we forgotten? With what have we replaced these truths?
  5. Explain what is meant by Psychically numb? How is this related to our desire to possess the earth? Can the earth have rights? What would this mean? Has the earth ever had rights?
  6. What are the ideas about extinction put forward in the movie?
  7. Can we allow ourselves to maintain a belief or disbelief in Global Warming? Why is this a false way of viewing Global warming?
  8. The U.S. is the greatest source of waste in the world. Why is this the case? What can be done to curb this lifestyle of waste? Why hasn’t the rest of the world called us to task on this issue?
  9. What does it mean to build naturally?
  10. What ought to be the role of the U.S. government in altering our environmental course?
  11. What does the saying, “Things are Thieves of Time”, mean? What is Frugality? What is Passion for Place? How can these concepts help us?
  12. What has been the role of the advertising industry in our environmental and psychic crisis? What can be done to curb their negative influence?

Compose a brief essay in response to the video, The 11th Hour. Include information gathered about a selected topic explored in the movie or a point you wish to talk about. Make sure you title your essay.

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