The privacy and security provisions of HIPAA are complex. HIPAA allows states to establish stricter standards than those in HIPAA, but not less strict versions.

For this assignment, research two real-life examples of HIPAA violations of privacy or security laws that occurred in the U.S. since the passage of the HIPAA law (after 1996). Each violation described should be serious, and one that resulted in a fine or penalty for the individual or company involved.

  • You can find real-life examples of HIPAA violations in news reports, medical journals, professional health care publications, and other similar reliable factual sources

For each example violation, include the following information:

1. A complete, descriptive summary of the case:

  • How did the HIPAA violation occur?
  • What policies, if any, did the organization have in place to protect against the violation?
  • What was the penalty for the violation (fine, prison terms, termination of employment, etc?)

2. Finally, describe three ways in which the organization could have prevented the violations.


Submit your essay in a Word document. This assignment must be at

least 500 words, with at least four references cited properly in APA

format, and a title page (APA format).

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