You are creating a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation for this assignment THE IMPLEMENTATION SECTION of the EBP capstone paper needs a little work, so please look at that section of the document and make the appropriate changes before including in the PowerPoint.

Discussion Post will be your EBP project presentation in a powerpoint format: Defend your EBP project in a powerpoint presentation. Follow the Headings from the EBP Paper to use as slide headings. Do not use paragraph sentences. Use a bullet format. Be succinct. Add more explanations in the Notes section of the slides. Be creative! Looking forward to your presentations. Must use in text citations on the slides and note sections of the slides. Please be mindful of using proper grammar, proper punctuation, avoid run on sentences, etc.

Powerpoint Slide Headings:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Spirit of Inquiry Ignited
  3. The PICOT Question Formulated
  4. Search Strategy Conducted
  5. Critical Appraisal of the Evidence Performed
  6. Evidence Integrated with Clinical Expertise and Patient Preferences
  7. Outcome Evaluated
  8. Project Dissemination
  9. Conclusion
  10. References: Please decrease the font size of your references to fit on one page

Make updates to your powerpoint presentation as suggested by peers and faculty. Submit your powerpoint presentation to the week 10 project paper submission site.

I will attach the EBP Capstone paper that you will be using to create the Microsoft powerpoint presentation. Please follow the above directions for creating the powerpoint presentation

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