1. What are the three types of muscle cells found in humans and other vertebrae?

2. What health situation occurs when blood flow to part of the cardiac muscle is blocked?

3. The diaphragm __________ when a person inhales in order to __________.

4. One person can donate bodily tissues that can help as many as __________ people.

5. Which organ system provides support for the body, stores minerals, and produces red blood cells?

6. The 300 million tiny sacs in the lungs are called __________.

7. What unique characteristic does the liver have that other adult organs to not share?

8. The liver is usually located on the __________ side of the body, under the diaphragm.

9. The term for the liquid part of blood is __________, which is made up of __________.

10. Nervous tissue is composed mainly of cells called __________.

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