1. What does “you are what you eat” mean to you after watching this section?
  2. What is nutritional density? What are foods that are more and less nutritionally dense? Why is this important?
  3. Which of the food guides provided most closely matches your diet choices? Why?
  4. Please provide a positive and negative aspect from each of the eating guides provided.
  5. Which guide do you think provides the healthiest recommendations? Why?
  6. Do you think the USDA (this agency is also in charge of creating all of the farming policies in the country in addition to providing nutrition advice) is the best agency to provide health and diet recommendations? Why?……………

  1. How has sugar intake changed over time? What are some of the foods or drinks that have contributed to this increase? Please make sure you are including information from all of the sources relevant to this question and giving specific examples.
  2. Give 3 examples of some of the issues with HFCS? (make sure to explain your answer) Do you consume foods with HFCS?
  3. What is the Bliss Point?
  4. Is sugar addictive? Have you ever experience sugar addiction? Please make sure you are providing information from the materials to support your answers
  5. What are the benefits of fat and specifically saturated fats?
  6. What are Dr. Weil’s recommendations for fat? Are all fats the same? Explain your answer

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