1.Take the standardised open ended interview protocol that you used to conduct your seminar group’s interview and insert 10 additional questions that you think would substantially improve the usefulness of the information the interview would yield. These may be follow-up questions or entirely new questions. You may also re-order the questions if you think it would help a As you do this, please consider the advice I gave you regarding question types, question sequencing, and question phrasing. b Your revised interview should include all of the original questions (in normal font) with the additional questions inserted where you think they should be (in bold font). c Questions should be numbered. If you are reordering questions, then include the original number in normal font and the new number in bold font. d Write a detailed paragraph or more in which you explain the logic (reasoning) for the changes you have made to the interview.

2 Write a detailed paragraph or more in which you: a Assess the sample your seminar used, including its good and bad aspects, and b Outline a new sampling strategy that you think would yield more useful interview information, given the interpretation you are trying to develop. i Make sure that you heed the guidance I provided in lectures and seminars on devising a sampling strategy.

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