Your supervisor would like to participate in the Million Hearts Project. You are asked to research the initiative to help her decide if it is worthwhile to do so. Research the Million Hearts program.

Create a PowerPoint presentation for your supervisor explaining what the initiative is, the goals of the initiative, and the steps for an organization to get involved.

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

·Be well written and organized, using professional themes and transitions.

·Be six to eight slides in length, not including the title and reference page.

·Include at least three quality scholarly references in addition to the network. References should be no older than five years old.

·Be formatted according APA requirements, and

·A minimum of three or four references with associated in-text citations. Two must be external and should be from peer reviewed or quality academic sources. Each reference must be cited at least once in the paper.

·Use headings to organize the content of your work.

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