# the question of the project is in the attachment 6.7

The due date is in a day and a half.

Following information should be included in the project report

  1. Motion Requirement description (problem description)
  2. Sketches of displacement diagram, velocity, and acceleration together with answers for following questions:
    • The number of segments needed
    • The reasons for the existence of each segment.
  3. Detailed calculation of each segment:
    • The given parameters and boundary condition
    • unknown parameters of the segment
    • The function chosen for the segment and reason to choose
    • parameter calculation
  4. Final result:
    • The parameter value of each segment (βi and Li)
    • The function of each segment

    # I’ve attached a PDF file has an example of the project. So, the project youre going to do should be similar to it. It’s example 6.2 in the pdf file at the bottom. Also, it should be handwritten or typed. thanks

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