Discussion post:

From Professor:

In lecture this week, Professor Dillon is discussing water demand and water access — how much water people around the world tend to have access to and how they tend to use it. We have discussed in prior lectures that how water access can have major impacts on people’s lives. Not only do we need drinking water to survive but the risk of catching water-borne illnesses rises when clean water for washing is scarce. We also know that the water cycle moves globally and climate change is a global phenomenon; hence, activities and water use in one part of the world can impact water availability in other parts of the world, be they downstream or on the other side of the planet.

For this forum, brainstorm methods that individuals can take to increase water access for others. Offer three different ideas that might impact water availability at three different scales: local, national, and international/global. Thus, (1) what is a step that an individual could take to positively impact water availability locally? (2) What is a step an individual could take to increase water elsewhere in their own country? (3) What is a step that could help water availability internationally or globally?

Be creative. Your proposed actions could be social, political, economic, and technical in nature. There is no right or wrong answer here. We just want you to draw on what you’ve learned and think about it in a new way.

Respond to these questions in a discussion forum post of approximately 250 words in which you draw on specific ideas, facts, or examples raised in our course content such as lectures, readings, and labs.

We will award up to one point each for a) thoroughness in responding to each question posed; b) thoughtful responses to at least two of your classmates’ posts; and c) an explicit connection in your post to course materials.

**No sources needed. This assignment is just a discussion post, so please only write it in own words. 250 words max please.

Thank you!

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