What is needed in order to write a good reflective paper? The paper’s length is 3 pages minimum, double-spaced, although

students often need more than 3 pages to complete this reflective/diary-like assignment, which will contain reflections about

students’ experience while conducting the research project. In it, each student will discuss how and to what extent the

Service-Learning experience/research project completed with the older person has:

1) Impacted their views of older adults (for example, if a student believed that typically older adults had certain traits, how has the research project and interview experience modified those beliefs?)

2) Changed them at a personal and social level, and

3) Reflected/mirrored topics discussed in class and addressed in the textbook.

4) Moreover, students will describe in this paper the older adult they assessed, providing a description of the main

characteristics of the personality and overall style of the research participant. Again, students will also describe what they

learned while conducting the assessment, including how their own stereotypes of aging have changed as a result of getting to

know this older adult. Often, students report that this writing assignment is easier if they keep a journal in which they

periodically write their experiences and thoughts about this person. Students turn in as many pages of this paper assignment as they can – 3 pages minimum.

I will provide information about the adult I assessed, I just need a reflective paper based on my experience and opinions.

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