A phenomenological community is a social group that one is involved with and shares common interests, beliefs and goals.  It may be family, religion or cultural who share the same values. A phenomenological community is more relational rather than geographical (Jones, 2015).

Some of the challenges faced by the community health nurses are the culture differences and language barrier among different communities. Community health nurses face stresses and burnout in their line of work. The benefits relate to fast circulation of health information to enhance health awareness to communities across the globe. Community health nurses may assume that since the community is the same as theirs they are exposed to similar conditions and problems. Each community should be accessed as a different entity. The community health nurse maybe knows the individuals may be unsafe in their care.  To overcome these challenges nurses should be competent in their work including being knowledgeable with cultural differences in communities and setting of goals (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2015).

Challenges to community health nurses to provide care for patients in this community would be the distinct differences in access to health, expectation, and resources available to two dramatically different sets of populations that share the same geopolitical community. There are those with unlimited financial resources, and on the other hand, those with none, whom do not speak the language well, do not know where their resources are and can be subjected to judgement when they do seek medical care. Knowing what is available for each set of populations of patients would aide in effective care for the community health nurse. There is a large Hispanic ethnic sub-community, these patients are the ones most disenfranchised, judged and may not receive the education they need in order to promote health and prevent the formation of chronic diseases and readmission to the hospital.

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