Evidence-Based Practice – Using supporting documentation from at least one (1) nursing publication, describe how evidence-based practice is different from research. How would you identify a research project as being an evidence-based intervention project versus the creation of knowledge in a nursing research project? Resources: Cepero, J. (2011). Differences among quality improvement, evidence-based practice, and research. Journal of Neuroscience Nursing, 43(4), 230-232. doi: 10.1097/JNN.0b013e3182212ac3. Retrieved January 3, 2018 from http://www.biomedsearch.com/article/Differences-among-quality-improvement-evidence/263250559.html OR PowerPoint Handout by Lynda Dimitroff. Retrieved January 3, 2018 from http://www.capitaldistrictnursingresearchalliance.com/images/Microsoft_Lynda_D_PPComparing_and_contrasting.pdf

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