Nursing Synthesis Paper
Synthesis Paper

Propose a comprehensive interventionist approach for the clinical nurse specialist to

Use in working with adults who are experiencing one of the major health problems

Discussed in the course (I chose CANCER).

Essential components of the paper are the following

I. Introduction:

II. Title Page

III. Discussion of the Health Problem (CANCER)

IV. The Advance Practice Nurse’s Approach as Interventionist

Discuss the theoretical basis for intervention and how theory is being used to guide advanced nursing practice in this situation. Discuss the concepts of health promotion, illness prevention, and maintenance of function in detail as the main focus of advanced nursing practice in this situation. Give a detailed account of the interventionist’s approach to care in this situation and support it well with research findings.

V. Conclusion

VI. Reference List

5 full pages (1250 WORDS) excluding title and reference by April 24,

4-5 nursing related scholar articles and 1-2 other references

*references no older than 7 years

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