A part of your presentation to the Board, provide feedback to them regarding whether you believe that profitability can be achieved within one year and your rationale. Put the paper together/make the flow [Responsible Person(s) – Roosevelt

Actions for Patient Accounting
Your task as the nursing home administrator is determine the method for tracking and managing the patient account fund. What protocols would you have in place? Lastly, what type of human resources personnel would you hire for this key activity?

*Please give references!
Actions for Money Makes the World Go Around
Locate and post an article from any source and published during the last 12 months, that discusses a financial issue related to adult day care, assisted living, or home health care financing (NO articles on nursing homes). Try to choose an article that has practical implications.
The article should not be one assigned in the class or one chosen by another student. Do not post a link to the UMUC library, but attach the article to your response or post a link that anyone can use to access the article. Provide a briefsummary of the article and answer each the following questions:
1. How does this tie in with your research to date?
2. How can the average long-term care manager use this information in day-to-day decision-making?
3. What is the “take home” message?

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