Economic Growth Paper

Economic Growth Paper
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First draft or outline copy and paste “Economic Growth Paper – First Draft” discussion folder.
Our textbook states that an economy is the result of many of social institutions working together. Social institutions are established to insure our education, health and welfare. Our social institutions are interwoven in our political and economic freedoms. Your research paper will explore how the complex fabric of our institutions is necessary to lay foundations for our economic growth.
Many may question what are social institutions. Some example of social institutions are those organizations that deal with the following aspects of our life, including education, health, laws, transportation, politics, property rights and religious beliefs and practices. Our social institutions can be an aid or if they are lacking can be a hindrance to an economies progress. For example if our institutions tolerate discrimination, this would have a negative affect on our progress. If on the other hand a societies institutions respect individual rights and freedoms, discrimination will be more difficult and personal progress and economic progress will be more possible.
In this assignment a paper needs to be written describing how institutions such as education, health and welfare, political right, property rights and economic freedom influence are involved in economic growth or the lack of economic growth. The title for your economic growth paper is ‘Economic growth is the result of many social institutions working together.’
The idea is that without development across a broad spectrum of social rights and institutions economic growth is challenged. Your paper will be based on the experiences of Paul Theroux as he travels in Africa in 2002. Specifically you will use at least two of his experiences in Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa that support your papers thesis.
In addition you must use at least two additional sources for information from any of the following: The Heritage Freedom Index, United Nations Human Development Index, CIA Factbook or other established organization or research.
As Paul Theroux travels and reports on conditions in these counties in 2002, the paper must discuss the economic performance of the countries you use from 1980 to 2000 present. In addition to discussing the African country data you must relate this other data in order to get idea of its relative performance.
You also must have appropriate citations for your sources.
Your paper will be at least three pages long and it is suggested you conform to MLA writing protocol.
Economic Growth Paper
The following book is required reading for your Economic Growth Paper.
Dark Star Safari: Overland from Cairo to Cape Town by Paul Theroux (Author)
You should be able to find it online at many outlets and used it should be very reasonably priced. You may find it at the local library too or local bookstores. I would look for a used copy and it should be less than $10.00 shipping included.
Near the mid-point of the class a rough draft (possibly an outline) of your paper is required in a discussion folder. The final draft of the Economic Growth Paper is due need the end of the class and will be uploaded and submitted to the appropriate dropbox folder.
What to include in your paper:
Title Section:
Be sure to include your name, and class identification. Also at the end of your report please include a complete citation of the resources you use.
This would include the title, source of your resource, and either a page number, and the author’s name and web link if possible. (If you use something from the web, please list the date you retrieved or gathered the information. Any words taken directly from a source must be within quotation marks and the source must be listed.) Please see the content topic dealing with citations for additional information.
Within the first paragraph State your thesis which should be something like, ‘Economic growth is the result of many social institutions working together.’
The idea is that without development across a broad spectrum of social rights and institutions economic growth is challenged. Using the experiences from Dark Star Safari support your idea that economic growth is dependent on social institutions.
After you have stated your thesis, pick one or two countries from the list of Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa from which you will make your case for your thesis.
You must build your ideas from experiences from the Dark Star book. Find experiences from Dark Star Safari use them in your paper.
In addition find supporting data from the Heritage Freedom Index, the UN’s Human Development Index, the CIA or other source during the period 1980 to 2000 that supports your idea.
In addition using GDP per capita determine how the country or countries are doing economically. What has been their experience of their GDP per capita over the period 1980 to 2000.
Your paper should shed light on the question “What is the trend of economic growth and/or relative freedom in these countries during the time period studied?”
With the two examples (citations) from the book Dark Star Safari explain what social institution these experiences give insight too. These should be from Paul Theroux’s experiences or the experiences of people he meets on his trip that illustrate a particular social institution that is either working well or not working. Explore how these experiences relate to the economic, political and social progress of the individual nations. Look for experiences that highlight areas of social institutions and relate how these institutions or lack of them affects economic growth.
You may want to give some indication of the nation’s ability to promote at least one or more of the following, investment, education, infrastructure development, health, and welfare of its people and open secure markets.
Some areas of inquire may include the following:For the countries you have selected, you could consider the following:
Are the countries improving in meeting macroeconomic goals. (Do the best you can with the data you find. From this link you may not be able to find 30 years of historical data.
Pick an example from the book to validate one or more of your points of economic analysis for each country.
Can you relate personal freedoms in either political or property rights or treatment in the judicial system to economic prosperity?
What do you see as the major accomplishments or what are the major problems facing your counties in terms of meeting the three macroeconomic goals of growth, stable prices and full employment?
Do you think economic freedom and political freedom and growth are related to each other? (How do experiences from the book highlight the idea?)
What was the economic growth trend for your counties?
What needs to change for your countries to progress?
(Note: These sites may be used for the historical trend data. The following links may be helpful.)
In your conclusion please state what you think about the papers thesis statement. Please take an opportunity to provide your own insigh