Information System Management

Information System Management
SAP and Oracle are two of the major Enterprise Systems on the market, SAP is more
favoured in Europe and Oracle more employed in the US. Both systems provide a one-stop system that runs all of the business needs of organisations that use them. A large proportion of small companies have installed the systems, usually at great cost and a considerable amount of time. The problem for smaller companies is often not having the budget for such a large investment.
You work as a consultant and have been asked to provide the Senior Management Team of an SME to provide a report on Enterprise Systems.
The task is to produce a report analysing Enterprise Systems to be presented to the Senior Management Team of an SME of your choice.
The report should include a critical analysis of the market for Enterprise Systems by providing a comparison of the major suppliers of these systems, including some consideration of the cost, noting where available the differences in costs between a large company installation and a SME.
The second part of the report should provide an evaluation of the options for your chosen SME in terms of what software is available and how they may still use the utility of the enterprise systems without the high cost.
The report should include full references in Harvard style.
The report should provide a good overview of the different systems that are available with some evaluation of their capabilities. The report should include the above with more detail of the systems their capabilities and information about the benefits of employing the system, the report should also provide a critical analysis of the market for these systems. And finally should include the above plus a clear demonstration of the benefits accrued from use of the systems, showing examples of organisations that have benefited from enterprise system use.
Make sure to add an appendix at the end of the assignment of all the models critically analysed. And make sure the appendix is cross referencing with the main work, and also the appendix has no limit, but shouldn’t include the main word count of 2500 words.
And finally can you make sure the assignment does NOT go above 10% on the turnitin report. Thanks