this is a project for Ideal Otto cycle.

The questions from 1-7 are mostly done

All I want you to do is reinforce or fix or correct the answers if i’m wrong at something especially #1-3 (which are 50pt and 90pt but basically I want you to take a look at it to fix if anything wrong)

and please do the extra credit parts

the one with software or Matlab and report(basically I am asking you to write the introduction and conclusions only. I will do all the annoying part of equation parts. All you gotta do is introduction and conclusions and anything if you want to add besides equation.)

I will only post the project direction

once I select you, I will send the work.

thank you

and I can extend time too

it’s due this wed midnight in eastern time of America.

But I do want to take a look at it so I can give you 5 more hours then the time limit.


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