Data integrity is key in electronic health records. Perform an online search of articles related to issues and or current events surrounding data integrity. It doesn’t have to be healthcare related. Many times in healthcare we learn from other industries that have been electronic much longer such as banking and finance. . Be sure to include a reference in your post. Let’s discuss successes and challenges of data integrity!

Expected Components:

Initial post includes or explains a reference from the required reading OR post includes factual information from outside reading. Personal experiences with the subject matter may be related in addition to the assignment requirements.

1. Use at least 2 valid sources. 2. Sources justify statements made in the post. 3. Citations note which sentences reference the source. 4. Includes citations and reference list in APA format. Wikipedia, EHow,, or other open public sources are not acceptable academic resources for this assignment.
Meets criteria for length of response 200-300 words

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