The report is 2 pages; use the excel file attached and powerpoint for guidance:

1. Download the excel spreadsheet

2. Design three climate change scenarios and predict ∆T out to 2100. Feel free to be creative, but make sure your assumptions are reasonable. Your report should include:

a. Two figures: i. A plot showing ∆T versus year for all 3 scenarios ii. A plot showing radiative forcing of all components for all 3 scenarios

b. An explanation of why you chose the scenarios. What is the justification for the changes you made to radiative forcing? Why are these reasonable assumptions to make?

c. What will 2100 look like under each of your scenarios? What are the implications the temperature changes you are predicting? How will it affects humans, and the rest of the planet?

d. A recommendation for policy change based on the scenarios that you modeled. How can we avoid disaster and protect the planet?

===Do NOT use this Scenario, just look at it as an example, Scenario 1: CO2 is emitted at a constant rate of 2 ppm per year until 2100

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