As detailed in the article, “Despite consumer worries, the future of aviation will be more automated”:

“Despite the notable crashes involving autopilots, the industry as a whole appears to believe that the automation of the future will be safe, or at least safer, for the flying public. Human error remains the most common cause of aircraft accidents, and people are prone to make the same mistakes again. They also may have trouble taking over from automation if the computers run into problems. Automated systems, however, can be reprogrammed not to make the same errors a second time.”

Using Norman’s discussion of designing for human error in Chapter 5 of DOET, propose (i.e. describe and sketch) a concept for a feature to be integrated into the cockpit (flight deck) of a passenger aircraft that would aid (providing information in the world) the pilot in taking control of aircraft when “the computers run into problems”.Your concept must be grounded in a human factors understanding and some detail should be provided.

I am asking you to think beyond feedback elements such as the disagree light ( ) that alerts the pilot that something has happened; however, does “nothing about what we should do about it.” (DOET – page 24).

This is an individual effort.We will discuss your concepts in class on next

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