The topic/title of my paper is “Women’s Health and the ACA.” ACA stands for Affordable care act. On the drop files I will include my abstract which states what my paper is going to be about.

The format for this paper is APA 6.0 Research paper format.

The paper must have 6 references. However they can only be found on Towson University’s website. I will include the steps below on how to access the resources. They have to be peer reviewed journal articles.

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Once on the website, click where it says “Library”

Step 3. Once you clicked “Library” on the search bar type in “Women’s health and the ACA” then hit search.

Step 4. One you hit search, on the left side it will say “Limit too” and there will be an option that states “Peer reviewed” and that is the option that has to be clicked.

Step 5. Below that it will say Format and the option “Academic journals” has to be clicked.

In order to access the articles, the option “PDF full text” has to be clicked.

The references must be in APA format on separate reference sheet.

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